Europe - Hands off Biking! Support the Anti-EU bike legislation Rally Sunday 25th September 2011, Birchanger Green Services

posted 22 Sept 2011, 08:13 by Adrian Bright   [ updated 18 Oct 2011, 05:14 ]
A whole stack of new legislation affecting motorised two wheeled users,  retailers and manufacturers is being driven through, with little thought as to the real world implications for riders, the bike industry or the environment.

To quote the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG):

"Enough! There will be a vote by the MEP committee discussing the above Regulation on Oct 17th. We need them to listen. They're meant to represent us. MAG and many others in the motorcycle community are negotiating hard with our own Government and our European representatives, but in the meantime:

Join us to keep EU Hands Off Biking, it's time for Action now!."

Check out the page on MAG or for more details, Facebook

S.A.B.R are meeting at Birchanger Green Services at12:00 - 12:30, for a prompt 13:00 set-off. Please show your support!!